3 March, 2013


6 March, 2011

Planning My Dream Home

Click the above tabs to view sample collections under each area of the house. But before we start, we always get our basics right first – our house selection criteria:

{Criteria for our first home}

Absolute Essentials

  • Location: Walking distance to main line MRT (red/green/purple/circle)
  • Size: At least 2 rooms (1 for sleeping, 1 for studying)
  • Orientation: North/South Facing
  • Open Space: Atleast a balcony

Nice to Have

  • Open Space: Either Patio or penthouse
  • TBA

{And here’s a nice pictogram on the psychology of colors}

Also good to start off being aware of our decision bias. This is to help us make better decisions and minimize later regrets.

Some understanding of local developer market profile
{Developer Housing Stock Type 2011}
Developer housing stock type 2011