13.Stunning Bathroom
stunning bathroom

12.The V4 House by Studio MK27



11. Bathroom storage mirror

bathroom storage mirror

10. The majestic hotel


9. Nice ladder idea


8.recycle used water in toilet

recycle used water in toilet


6.Flower Powder Room

5.Classic Hotel Bath

4.Classic Glam Style

Sunset Tower Hotel, Los Angeles, California

3.Earthly Bathroom with lamps

Just gotta love those hanging lamps with creepers that adds a nature touch, and the curtain that makes it look so romantic

2.Round Jacuzzi Bath Tub

Yes I just like the idea of having a jacuzzi bath tub in my master bathroom. If it’s round like this that’s even cuter! Makes me feel like I’m sitting in a giant teacup! Very spa-like! 🙂

1.Ficus Plant in Bathroom?

The design below is very typical of Singapore condo units. Nothing to shout about. What I like is the IDEA of having this kind of tall ficus-like plant in the bathroom to make it feel more relaxing and not so concrete 🙂

And here is the other side of the bathroom…


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