11.Slide in bedroom
Wake up to a morning splash!
slide in bedroom

10.Unique bed decor
I love the trunks placement by the bed, I love the art collage and I love the strip of wood of the bed. Even the lamp and the furry mat. Everything looks so well put together.


9.Skylight Above Bed
I love nature. I love how I can fall asleep seeing the stars…

skylight above bed

8.Beautiful Dark Mahogany Floor
This is taken from Miro Show flat. I love love love the beautiful Dark Mahogany Floor.
It makes the room so warm and classy, doesn’t it?

7.Elegant Baby Bed

6.Totoro Bed!!!

5.Pirate Ship Bedroom
An interesting idea for a child’s room

4.Inspired Inscriptions
Another design style.. not sure what this is called, but has this very ‘scrap-booky’ look, with the color scheme (see wall color), texure (see curtains & bedsheets)… lovely in its own way, but not sure if it would get boring long term

3.Rustic with Mosaic
Love the ‘raw-ness’ of the luggage painting above the bedframe, the classic lampshade and body, and of course the mosaic table that adds unique character to the room.

2.Swedish Bedroom

This has a very IKEA feeling. Every item looks very simple when viewed separately but when put together it looks nice and homely. Oh yea, IKEA IS from Sweden!

1.bedroom with a wall painting
Please bear in mind that just because I posted a photo that means I like everything inside that photo. Sometimes I just like a small part of it e.g. the colors, the design, the layout or the material. For this case its the same, I don’t really like the colors nor the lavish design. I just like the idea of a full wall painting of a beach. I would imagine it would be just as nice to have a ceiling full of stars, but with mini electric stars that really twinkle when you switch it on. 🙂

6 Responses to “Bedroom”

  1. I like the totoro bed~ =)


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