Patio/PH/Open Area

21. Recycled Piano turn fountain
Love the romantic and rustic feeling the image gives…
old piano turn fountain

20. Rooftop Pavilion – Urban Outdoor Living

Rooftop Pavilion2

Rooftop Pavilion1

View more at this slideshow:—Urban-Outdoor-Living-Room-/detail.esi?oid=508976

19.Transforming City Alley from Wire Nighmare to Zen Deck—Zen-Deck-Transforms-City-Alley-from-Wire-Nightmare/detail.esi?oid=24441039

18. Patio with Pergola & Bar

17. Storage Bench!
Wen, this is our first step to storage solution in the patio area 😉

16. Love The Patio Lighting!

15. Seaside Patio

14. Penthouse

If you have a penthouse, this is a good example of what you can do with it! 🙂
Image courtesy of Parc Rosewood

13. Psicomagia Residence by Estudio Martin Gomez Arquitectos

12. Patio Pool

11. Patio Bed

10. Penthouse Terrace

9. Outdoor Cinema

8. Nice Meditation Spot

7. Indoor Plants

6. Boot Pots

5. Backyard Water Feature

4. Cabana

If I don’t have a patio I would consider a cabana on my roof terrace – a place to sit out in the open to chat and relax, away from all the concrete walls and electronics, basking in nature.


3. Outdoor Dinner Table

If I don’t get a penthouse, I’ll be fine to settle for a generous balcony that can fit a full dining table like the one in the background of this picture. I just want some outdoor dining area, no matter what. And the best part is balconies in Singapore come with shelter whereas roof terrace may not! 🙂

This and the picture below is a 2br2bath penthouse at D’Palma near Kembangan. It’s 1754 sqft/162.95 sm. $741.16psf (built-in). TOP in 2008. Asking for S$1.3m. If I have cash I would buy without hesitation.

2. Roof Garden

I like the idea that my roof garden terrace has this wooden thing at the top that shields out some of the sun. I dunno what’s that called but I really like it! I can grow those vines/lazy plants and make it look like a mini grape vineyard. Wen what about you?

1. Balcony Flowers!

I love flowers and if I had a patio or penthouse terrace, I would definitely have balcony flowers!! It would be as color as this, or even much more that you’d think a rainbow hit you the minute you walk in!


One Comment to “Patio/PH/Open Area”

  1. I also think the balcony flowers are nice. =) but I think the open space should be kept more spacious… This picture makes it look squeezy

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