Space-saving Ideas

14.Window transforms into Balcony!

window transforms balcony

13.Clopen Ledge hidden Drawer by Torafu Architects
These Japanese people are so darn clever…

clopen ledge hidden drawer by Torafu Architects

12.Mop Holder To Store Spice

11.Bed Storage

10.Smart Bathroom Planning

9.Mop Holder (good for storerooms!)

8.Sliding Spice Rack

7.Organised Cabinetry

6.Lazy Susan Solution

5.Corner Drawer

I like how it keeps into a rocket, but how often will one keep it like that when chairs, especially outdoor chairs are meant for seating?!

3.Hidden TV
Clever idea but I wonder will it hurt my neck with that angle, and most importantly, it will inculcate a bed habit of watching TV in bed! 😦

2.Foldable Table
I love this because it allows me to incorporate my paintings!! And with the paintings, it will surely give me incentive to keep the table as I will always want to see my painting up on the wall! Genius!

1.Foldable Desk


3 Comments to “Space-saving Ideas”

  1. Any idea where that rocket chair set is sold? Orwhat it’s called? Thanks! Great ideas.

  2. Awesome! Do you have a link to number 4?

  3. Can you provide the links to where you found these things? I want them all

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