Floating Loft Staircase
I love how its so simple, has clean lines and totally space saving!

Space Saving Orange Spiral Staircase

Staircases are often known to take up a lot of sqf in the house and that is why most property agents do not recommend buyers to go for houses with many wide staircases as it is not value for money. However the below design has cleverly squeezed the area of the staircase into the size of one chair space. Even the material is saved with no railings needed. I wish I could use it myself and see if it makes me dizzy. ha.

Quarter Turn Staircase

This next one is pretty ingenious too. Look carefully at the size of the steps. The area for stepping alternates between left side and then right side for each step. This mimics how we walk; left foot then right foot then left again. In short you only build space for what you need.

However it does give me the feeling that it looks really stingy, in comparison with the wide living room area. B I think this can be resolved with some dynamic colors that alternate between the steps to make it look like an art center piece and not just a purely squeezy staircase.

Japanese Design Staircase

I got this from some Japanese architect website. I can’t remember where it was so long ago. I wish I could link it back to give credit. The staircase cleverly formed an additional area in the high ceiling kitchen, and squeezed in a bookshelf! This is a great idea because you can store cook books in proximity to your kitchen yet keep it separate and away from all that smoke and oil since the cooking hob is right below it!

I would work on the colors though, I don’t like my kitchen to look like an industrial site 🙂


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