Dry Food Storage
Keep your dry food off the kitchen counter so it stays neat and hidden from view of naughty pests 🙂
dry food storage

Village Kitchen
A kitchen that looks like a village!

Love the Side Wood Table

Nuff said! It’s as per the title above. I really like how metal contrast with natural wood so perfectly. And I really like how the wood looks really like wood, with all the tree trunk swirls and some darkish areas, not those processed wood kinda look.

Swedish Open Floor Plan Kitchen

Like the homely feeling it gives. Only problem is the wall needs to be decorated with some tinted glass for easy cleaning after a heavy wok-frying session…

Studio Open Plan Kitchen

Love the mix between metallic and white!

Minimalistic Modern

I like the minimalistic island table look. It completely breaks away from the idea that the kitchen must always be at an L shape, or L shape with an island table for accompaniment. This one just has an island table as the main and only kitchen area! I love it when creativity meets practicality. Imagine how much space this saves!


2 Comments to “Kitchen”

  1. Yes! I also love the first one! It looks really really nice! but the white table top should be changed…
    I’m no big fan of white stuff in the kitchen =X

  2. Village Kitchen is horrible. makes the kitchen look so messy

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