30. Koj Creations

Warm Contemporary Interiors

29. Stunning Living Room

stunning living room

28. Elephant


27. NYC Cozy retreat
Love how everything is put together, but I wonder if I will enjoy staying for more than a year?

NYC Cozy Retreat

NYC Cozy Retreat2

NYC Cozy Retreat3

NYC Cozy Retreat4

26. Industrial design by Meter Cub Interiors
Love the classic black and white with earthly textures

Meter Cube Interiors

25. Patio of living converted to indoor patio
Thought this was an interesting concept…


24. Private Elevator
This is a renovated condo. Reminds me of the apartment in Gossip Girls. Love the private elevator.


23. Design Dautore

design dautore

22. Interesting Living Room Dividers
This one separates study from living room by having a ‘floating’ study area


while this one is a floating wall divider turned into a mini art galary ❤

room divider

21.Outside Living Room Pond + Indoor Pool

20.Understated Luxury
Got this from a interior design magazine at my spa. Just love the mixture of texture, pattern and color.

19.Cat Mountain Residence

18.Wall Tree Sculpture

17.Why a full length window at a living room with sea view makes such a big difference…


15.Industrial Wall Lamp
Love the raw-ness of the industrial lamp and the brick walls 🙂

14.White Contemporary with Modern touch
The red armchair and low coffee table are definitely the accents of this living room.. I also love the simplicity of the small table beside the furnace. Very appealing.

13.White Contemporary with Pink  (Artsy!)
I like the eclectic artsy look with a dash of pink!!! Not to mention the natural woodiness of the floor adds an extra charm. Simply lovely!!

12.Modern Living with Wooden Seating
Love the clean simple look. That’s it.

11.Gold Living Room
Love the clean classic look using marble flooring, brown-gold curtains, white shade lamp and simple glass table

10.Sofa Bed Transformation

9.Green Living Nook

Love the green and brown contrast.. and how the nook is edged into a little corner to make it look sooo cozy…don’t think it would be the same with sliding glass doors


Turquoise with white is indeed refreshing

7.Penthouse Seaview
Love the generous space and magnificent view, along with the high ceiling and the decor lights

6.Open Plan Studio Apartment

This is the living room of an open plan studio apartment. A possible consideration for a Singapore apartment given the limited land area the island has, along with the outlook that mickey-mouse flats are the way to go forward…

5.Modern Swedish Loft Design

This is the living area of a Swedish modern loft. I love the simplicity of white and green, with accents of brown. Totally nature like yet modern enough to live in. I especially like the grass-looking mat and the asian design sofa pillows!!! The only thing I would change is the sofa color as it’s impractical to have a white sofa!

4.Penthouse Living Room

I know this isn’t a realistic sample given Singapore houses are so small, but what I want to highlight here is the lovely turquoise matching perfectly with nothing else but glass. Classy.

PS: Wen you probably know this color goes by another name – the ‘Betty Boop’ color.. hehe…

3.Another Penthouse Living Room

Yes another penthouse living room! Have I not mentioned enough how I love the blue/turquoise color? If we ever run out of budget to buy paints, we can settle for white and navy and it would still look as fantastic just like the below. Or maybe we don’t even have to buy white because the walls already come in white! 😛

2.Yet Another Penthouse Living Room

Instead of blue and white like the previous penthouse, how about going board brown with white? Simple colors that look as great! Just throw in a few fancy furniture items as accents and that should do the trick. Wen what do you think? 😉

1.The Modernist Look!

I have to say I love this in a different way. I’m not sure if I would find the house cozy if I were to walk right in and sit on the couch but I am impressed by the simplicity and that virtual fireplace! I’m thinking it would be fantastic if that was where the TV was and when it is on suspend/screensaver mode, it shows the fireplace! 🙂


5 Responses to “Living”

  1. I like the first one. But It’d would do better with some more brown and maybe green… too much white… =D

    Yet Another Penthouse Living Room <— this one looks nice. feels like one of the houses I saw in the game Heavy Rain! =) and in those american dramas. though you need a big space for that I think

  2. Where’s the one you showed me on your phone? the one with the tree bark as the table.

    • Haven upload yet. u like any.of these? i quite like our house to have the ‘cat mountain residence’ look… or the ‘natura loft’ look.(under projects i like)

  3. Industrial design by Meter Cub Interiors looks nice. but why is it called industrial? doesn’t look industrial…


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